Request compensation for victims of violence Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you suffer damage to your health as a result of a deliberate, unlawful assault, such as bodily injury, you can receive benefits under the Act on Compensation for Victims of Violence (OEG) upon request. The care is provided in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Supply Act and includes in particular the following benefits: Medical and medical treatment, care services Aids (e.B. prosthesis, dentures) Compensation payments for injured persons and survivors Funeral and death allowance welfare services (e.B. help for care, supplementary support for subsistence) Victims suffering from acute psychological consequences can seek emergency assistance in the trauma outpatient clinics that have been set up. Pain allowance is not paid. These benefits are based on the degree of damage to your health (degree of damage) and your needs. Financial or non-material losses are not compensated. This also applies to self-inflicted damage. You may be denied benefits if, as a injured person, you do not contribute to the investigation, for example if you do not file a complaint. As a reason for a change in the law, foreigners who are victims of an act of violence in Germany will be able to receive the same compensation as German victims of violence retroactively from 1 July 2018.

Written application if available: evidence of the act of violence (e.B. copy police protocol / criminal complaint), evidence of damage to health (doctor's report)

In principle, the supply authority of the land in which the persons concerned are domiciled is responsible. This also applies if the act of violence has taken place abroad. Please send the application directly to the local competent authority. A list can also be found under the mentioned link.

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You are the victim of a deliberate unlawful assault or survivor of a person killed as a victim You can prove the physical attack Your damage to health is due to this attack the health consequences of this injury continue to be

A right to care can exist since 01.07.2009 even if the act of violence was committed abroad. However, the benefits under the Victim Compensation Act are subordinate to the benefit claims under other public and private security schemes. This also applies to entitlements to benefits against the State in which the act of violence was committed. Affected persons have the opportunity to contact the state in which you have been harmed. If it is an EU Member State, Directive 2004/80/EC on compensation for victims of crime in cross-border cases applies. It provides that national support authorities will help those concerned to make claims for compensation against the EU Member State. In Germany, the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs performs the tasks of the German Support Authority.
They shall apply to the competent authority for compensation for victims of violence. The competent authority shall inform you of any documents to be submitted. It examines your case and tells you if and what help you will receive.