Apply for permission to use the professional title if you have a professional qualification from abroad

If you have obtained your degree as a curative pedagogue abroad, you can have the equivalence of your degree checked with the German degree.

If you want to work as a curative pedagogue in Germany, the equivalence of your further education with the local training to become a "State-approved curative pedagogue" must be determined.

Completed application form

Hand-signed tabular presentation of the curriculum vitae with information about the entire school and professional career in German (complete from school enrolment)

Officially or notarized copy of the certificate of the school leaving certificate to be assessed and any proof of studies in the original language as well as the officially or notarized copies of the translations of the foreign certificates.

Officially or notarized copies of the employment references or proof of activity of relevant professional experience, if the documents are available, as well as the officially or notarized translations of any existing job references or proof of activity by an officially approved translator. The evidence should provide information on the activities and the scope of activities.

Proof of identity (identity card, passport or residence permit)

if necessary, proof of a name change (e.g. marriage certificate),

officially or notarized copies of German language examinations, if available

if you live outside of Rhineland-Palatinate, proof that you want to work here, for example by means of correspondence with a potential employer in Rhineland-Palatinate

An "official certification" confirms that the copy corresponds to the original. City and municipal administrations as well as notaries can issue certified copies.
For the documents in non-German language, additional translations into German are required. The translations must be prepared or at least confirmed by a publicly appointed/sworn translator in Germany. The publicly appointed/sworn translator in Germany can be found in the "Interpreter and Translator Database".

Certificates written in English or French do not need to be translated.

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In order for the professional qualification obtained abroad to be recognised, the following conditions must be met:

  • the professional qualification obtained entitles the holder in the country in which it was obtained to carry out professional activities comparable to that of a curative pedagogue, and
  • there are no significant differences between the professional qualification obtained in the country of origin and the corresponding Rhineland-Palatinate further training.

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  • Rhineland-Palatinate State Ordinance on the Recognition of Foreign Professional Qualifications for the Professions of Educator, Curative Education Nurse or Curative Education Nurse as well as Curative Pedagogue

For recognition, the Supervision and Service Directorate (ADD) on the basis of your certificates as to whether or to what extent your foreign qualification corresponds to a German qualification for the profession of curative pedagogue. This review is based on defined formal criteria, such as content, professional orientation and duration of the training. Your relevant professional experience will be taken into account as well as other relevant qualifications. The decision on the application shall be made by means of a written decision.

If there are significant differences, a compensatory measure (adaptation period or aptitude test) is required before the professional qualification acquired abroad is recognised. The scope of the compensatory measure is determined by the Supervisory and Services Directorate (ADD) in a decision.

More information can be found on the portal " Anerkennung in Deutschland".

This Internet portal provides quick and easy answers to questions about recognition, for example:

  • Do I have to have my professional qualification recognised?
  • Is it worth the recognition for me?
  • Can I submit the application? Do I have a formal right to it?
  • Where should I contact?
  • What does the procedure look like?
  • Which documents are required? What form must the documents take?
  • How long does the procedure take?
  • How much does the procedure cost?
  • Which laws are relevant to my case?

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