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A sensible precautionary option is the care order. It is particularly recommended if you do not want to go so far as to give a specific person a power of attorney. This makes it possible to express wishes for the possible care case in a binding manner. In this way, you achieve that you do not simply place your future fate in the hands of the court and the caregiver appointed by it. On the contrary, the court and caregivers have a kind of instruction to follow. Particularly important is the care order with regard to the person of the caregiver. The law clearly stipulates that the court must comply with proposals of the persons concerned. The court must therefore not simply skip a proposal that you have made. An exception is made in respect of persons who are in a relationship with a person or persons in which the adult is or resides in a relationship of dependence or other close relationship; these may not be appointed as caregivers by law. It is therefore no use if you appoint employees of the retirement home in a care order. The other important limitation for the statutory priority of will will not be harmed or will not suffer any disadvantage. It may be even more important for you to determine that a specific person should not become your caregiver. They may have serious reasons for such a desire. It is not certain whether the court will learn of this in a care procedure. However, if you speak out clearly against a particular person beforehand, the court will assume that there will be no relationship of trust and will therefore endeavour to find a different solution.

Anyone who owns a document in which someone has made suggestions for the selection of the caregiver or wishes to take care of the care in the event of his/her care must immediately hand it over to the care court after becoming aware of the initiation of proceedings on the appointment of a caregiver. Similarly, the owner must inform the court of care of documents in which the person concerned has authorised another person to carry out his affairs.

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