Change driver's license due to visual aid Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

According to the Driving Licence Ordinance (FEV), the road user who is unable to move safely in traffic due to physical or mental impairments may only participate in traffic if precautions have been taken not to endanger others. This means that if the road user finds that his or her eyesight is no longer sufficient to participate safely in road traffic, he must have a necessary visual aid entered. Bus and lorry licence holders must also pass an ophthalmological examination of the eyesight for the extension every 5 years.

Identity card or passport with simple registration certificate Driving licence New photo that complies with the provisions of the Passport Ordinance Certificate of a valid visual test Visual test certificate, certificate or expert opinion may not be older than two years.

You must be the holder of a valid driving licence.

For more information, contact your driving licence office. Note: Section 12 (8) FEV Where facts are known which give rise to concerns that the driver's licence applicant does not meet the vision requirements set out in Annex 6 or that there are other visual impairments affecting the ability to drive motor vehicles, the driving licence authority may order the provision of an ophthalmological opinion in preparation for the decision to issue or renew the driving licence or on the imposition of restrictions or conditions.