Change electronic proof of identity PIN

Here you will find information on how to change the PIN of your electronic proof of identity.

The citizen can reset the PIN for the use of the electronic proof of identity:

  • as often as desired at home
  • if PIN is forgotten or blocked by 3 times incorrect entry, then in the identity card authority

Identity card


  • Germans within the meaning of Art. 116 sec. 1 of the Basic Law (GG)
  • Registered in the municipality with main residence


  • The PIN reset and activation service was provided as a beta version. The development of the new service is not yet complete. Nevertheless, this can already be used now.
  • In the current beta phase, errors may still occur. However, the personal data is always secure.
  • Federal Ministry of the Interior and Home Affairs - The PIN reset and activation service can be tested

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  • ยง 27 Abs 2 Personalausweisgesetz (PAuswG)

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