Determination of a special market Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

A special market is generally a regular, time-limited event at a time-limited time, where a variety of suppliers sell certain goods. A privileged special market is a special market of a special character, which is suitable to promote regional identity or tourism or offers items of pure lover interest without use value.

To check personal reliability: Identity card or passport police certificate of leadership Extract from the Business Central Register Certificate of safety from the tax office responsible for you (residence) Certificate of safety issued by the Business Tax Authority (municipality)

Special market: Variety of commercial providers certain goods Hand sale End users with special interests Privileged specialty market: Variety of commercial providers certain privileged goods (e.g. pottery, coins) Hand sale End users with special interests

The establishment of a special market obliges the organiser to organise the event.
A special market shall be fixed on request. A fixed event enjoys the so-called market privileges, i.e. exemption from certain restrictions, mostly in terms of trade and labour law.

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