Practice of medicine, permission (non-medical practitioner's permit)

A non-medical practitioner is someone who practices medicine professionally without being a doctor. The practice of medicine is any professional or commercial activity carried out to detect, cure or alleviate diseases, suffering or bodily injury in people, even if it is carried out in the service of others. If you want to work as a non-medical practitioner for the practice of medicine, you need a permit.

To register for the naturopath examination, you need the following documents:

  • Informal application (if already known with the indication of the intended later place of establishment)
  • Birth certificate
  • Presentation of the federal identity card (certified copy)
  • last school leaving certificate (certified copy)
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Confirmation of registration from the responsible residents' registration office
  • Proof of possible previous training as a non-medical practitioner
  • medical certificate (family doctor or medical officer)


  • You must have reached the age of 25,
  • be suitable for practising the profession from a health point of view,
  • and you must prove in the review of your knowledge and skills by the health authority that the practice of medicine by you does not pose a danger to human health.

The permit entitles you to use the professional title "Heilpraktikerin" or "Heilpraktiker".

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  • § 1 abs. 1 Gesetz über die berufsmäßige Ausübung der Heilkunde ohne Bestallung (Heilpraktikergesetz)
  • State Ordinance on Competences in the Field of Alternative Practitioner Law of 15 July 1983

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