Disabled people at work, integration projects, benefits to institutions Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The Integration Office can support the construction/re-establishment, extension and modernisation and equipping of an integration project. Integration projects are aimed at the permanent employment and vocational qualification of severely disabled people on the general labour market, whose integration into other employment on the general labour market encounters particular difficulties due to the nature and severity of the disability or other circumstances, despite the exhaustion of all funding and the use of specialist integration services.

Formal application.

Employment of, among others, severely disabled people: with a mental or mental disability or with a severe physical, sensory or multiple disability, which has a particularly detrimental effect in working life and which, alone or together with other anti-mediation circumstances, makes it difficult or prevents participation in the general labour market outside an inclusive enterprise, who, after targeted preparation in a workshop for disabled people or in a psychiatric institution, are eligible for and prepared for the transition to a firm or service on the general labour market, after completing schooling, who have the prospect of finding employment on the general labour market only if they have previously taken part in, and are employed and further qualified in an inclusive establishment, and

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