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Support under the BAföG enables young people to complete a school or university education that corresponds to their skills and interests, regardless of their social and economic situation. You can receive financial support if, as a pupil or as a student or student, you are otherwise unable to provide the necessary funds for your livelihood and education.

formal application School certificate, enrolment certificate or proof of internship Proof of income of parents and, where applicable, spouse or civil partner Tax notice from the penultimate calendar year if there is no tax notice: Printing of the electronic payroll tax certificate of the penultimate calendar year if necessary, certificate from the competent tax office on the tax-free annual income of the penultimate calendar year The competent authority will inform you if further documents are required.

Rhineland-Palatinate offers you the opportunity to fill in your application online. All you have to do is print the forms, sign them, and then send them to the appropriate authority. After completing the application forms, you will receive an overview of documents that you will have to submit. If there is still no evidence, you will request it from the competent authority. The required forms are also available from the Training Promotion Offices and are also available on the BMBF's website.

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General requirements: German citizens foreign nationals depending on their residence status maximum 29 or 34 years old, exceptions allowed Your own income and assets, as well as the income of the parents and, where applicable, the spouse or registered partner are not sufficient to finance the training

BAföG hotline: +49 800 223-6341 (free)

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