Apply for integration assistance for children and young people with disabilities Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If your child has a disability, whether it is mental or physical, you can apply for integration assistance. This is to prevent your child from having difficulty participating in life in society later on

Application Certificate of the specialist of the existing or imminent disability

A written request is required.

Children or adolescents are entitled to integration assistance if: their mental or physical health is likely to deviate from the state typical of their age for more than six months, and their participation in life in society is impaired or is to be expected to be affected. A specialist must confirm that your child is suffering from or is at risk of disability
Act on the Discharge of Dependent Members in Social Assistance and Integration Assistance State Act for the Implementation of the Federal Part-Participation Act (AG BTHG)

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Contact the relevant Youth Office with your problems. In a personal interview, the counsellor decides which benefits of integration assistance from the categories medical rehabilitation services, benefits for participation in working life, Benefits for participation in education and Social participation benefits. Possible. If integration assistance is eligible, you must apply for it in writing. Until the 15th birthday, the legal representatives apply for integration assistance for the child. Young people aged 15 and over can apply for benefits themselves. However, the consent of the guardian to the residence provision is required if assistance is granted outside the family. The Youth Office is seeking an opinion from one of the following specialists for clarification: physician for child and adolescent psychiatry or psychotherapy, Child and adolescent psychotherapist or child and adolescent psychotherapist, Doctor or doctor or psychotherapist with special experiences in the field of mental disorders in children and adolescents. On the basis of this opinion, the Youth Office decides to whether and in what forms integration assistance can be provided Since 1 January 2020, there has been the right to choose from integration assistance measures. This applies if there is a general entitlement to benefits but several alternative measures are possible If the aid is granted, all parties will jointly draw up a support plan. Among other things, it stipulates that: which objectives are to be achieved through integration assistance, and how long the aid will be provided. The duration of integration assistance depends on the severity of the disability. It therefore varies from case to case.