Approval as dentist Grant Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you want to practice dentistry permanently in Germany, you need an approval for this activity. The practice of dentistry is also permitted on the basis of a temporary permit.

If you apply for a dental certificate, the documents and certificates must be presented to prove the above conditions. The list of documents can be found in the application form; see module "Applications/Forms".

The application shall be completed in full and signed by hand together with the necessary documents to be submitted to the competent body. Application forms for Rhineland-Palatinate can be found here:

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Approval as a dentist must be granted on request if you have not been guilty of conduct which gives rise to your unworthiness or unreliability in the exercise of the dental profession; are not incompatible with health for the exercise of the profession, have passed the dental examination in Germany, provide an equivalent proof of education (eu/EEA degree), or demonstrate an equivalent level of training and knowledge (degree in so-called third country) and have the knowledge of the German language necessary for the pursuit of the profession.

If the evidence is not issued in German, it must also be provided in certified translation: The competent authority may require the submission of further evidence, in particular as to the authenticity of the documents submitted and of the activities to date. Information portal of the Federal Government
You must submit your application for approval in writing to the competent authority. The necessary forms are available from the responsible body. In the next procedure, you will be notified within one month whether your application is complete or whether you need to submit further documentation. After the approval has been granted, the certificate of approval will be sent to you.

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