Information and transmission blocks in the registration register Registration Information block Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

A block on information in the register is only entered under strict conditions. To do so, you must demonstrate that you or another person may be at risk to life, health, personal freedom or similar interests worthy of protection through a registration register.

Identity card or passport in case of written application: copy of passport or identity card Justification

In the event of a blocking of information, you must make valid reasons that indicate a risk to your or other persons to the local reporting authority. A review of your information must confirm the risk you have stated.
It is recommended that you contact the appropriate authority before applying and whether a lock is appropriate in your case. The information block is entered on request. By submitting your application, you must set out facts and demonstrate why a grant of information may endanger your life, health, personal freedom or similar matters worthy of protection. The application may be made in writing or in person by prior consultation with the Authority. Your details will then be checked by the competent body. If this verification shows that the relevant conditions are met, a two-year information block shall be recorded in the register, which relates to all types of registration register information to private individuals and non-public authorities. The information block applies to the person who has applied for it and is carried with him for the duration of his/her time in each move. You can have the information block extended after the time has elapsed.

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