Return of waste batteries Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

You can return batteries or batteries built into devices to the dealer free of charge. Disposal in household waste is not permitted. The return obligation of the distributors is limited to those waste batteries which he carries or has kept as new batteries in the assortment as well as to household quantities.


Retailers are obliged to inform customers of their obligation to return used batteries. Private consumers shall be informed in a clearly visible place by means of easily recognisable and legible writing boards of the free return of used batteries at the point of sale and of the importance of the symbols for batteries subject to labelling. If these indications are not given, correctly, not completely or not in the prescribed manner, this shall be deemed to be an administrative offence which may be punished by a fine. The same applies to the lack of return of the used batteries and their release to the manufacturer. Dealers of vehicle starter batteries can also issue a pledge stamp when collecting a deposit and combine the deposit refund with the return of that stamp. The deposit collection is no longer required if the starter battery is installed in a vehicle or passed on to the final consumer. If a deposit is not collected or not refunded or not refunded in due time, this shall also be deemed to be an administrative offence, which is punishable by a fine. Notes (special features) Dealers can register as a collection point with the Common Battery Return System (GRS).
Dealers who sell batteries are taking them back. Throw empty batteries into the green tons of the Common Return System for Waste Batteries (GRS) or visit a collection point of your municipality (recycling yard).

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