Approve brokerage deals for waste

Anyone who collects, transports, trades or make-up of non-hazardous waste must report his activity once to the competent authority before being admitted. This also applies to so-called economic enterprises (e.B. craft enterprises since 1 June 2014. The notification requirement is intended to ensure that all undertakings carrying out one of the above-mentioned waste-related activities are registered with the relevant competent authority. Anyone who collects, transports, trades or makebles hazardous waste requires a permit in principle. Anyone who already has a waste transport permit or brokerage permit under previous waste legislation can continue to use it as long as the permit is still valid and no significant changes have occurred. Otherwise, permission is required. Permission can be nationwide or for one or more federal states, indefinitely or for a specific period of time, for all types of waste declared to be hazardous or selected types of waste in accordance with the Waste Management Regulation (AVV). The public waste disposal agencies and waste management companies are exempted from the obligation to permit hazardous waste by law. Further exceptions to the authorisation requirement are possible by legal decree or by special law. Such exemptions currently apply to collectors, carriers, dealers and brokers of hazardous waste operating in the economic sector; collectors and carriers of hazardous waste for recovery which are voluntarily withdrawn by the manufacturer or distributor or under a legal regulation; collectors and carriers of dangerous end-of-life vehicles, collectors, carriers, dealers and brokers of hazardous waste batteries, collectors, carriers, dealers and brokers of hazardous waste electrical and electronic equipment, collectors and carriers of hazardous waste that collect or transport waste by seagoing vessels; Collectors and carriers of hazardous waste transporting waste through parcel, express and courier services.

Form name: Form display according to Section 53 KrWG and Form Application Permission pursuant to Section 54 KrWG Online procedure possible: yes Written form required: yes Personal appearance necessary: no

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The corresponding form must be used for the display (see below). In addition, a copy of the trade registration (including a copy of a valid travel trade card if applicable) or, alternatively, a commercial register extract must be presented with the advertisement. The application for a permit must be made in writing using the form provided for this purpose (see below). The following documents must be submitted: Business registration Commercial register extract in the case of collection/transport: motor vehicle liability insurance and, if applicable, other insurance (business liability insurance, environmental liability insurance) in the case of trade/make-up: company liability insurance and environmental liability insurance in the case of collection/transport: copy of the permit under the Road And, if applicable, ADR Company-related information from the Business Central Register Police leadership certificate for management staff Personal information from the central business register for management staff Certificate of expertise (e.B. specialist course).