Care for children from 0-14 years in the form of day care for children ( KTP for short Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Day care is a form of care for children aged 0-14 years and, in addition to daycare centres, the second pillar of Rhineland-Palatinate childcare. It is close to the family and flexible in terms of time and is therefore particularly attractive for parents who still have very young children or who need particularly flexible childcare due to exceptional working hours. In Rhineland-Palatinate, day care is provided by a suitable day care worker in his household, in the household of the person or persons entitled to care for persons or in other suitable rooms except in daycare centres. For example, support is also possible in companies, at the workplace directly on site. Day care for children is aimed at caring for a maximum of 5 children at the same time. Rhineland-Palatinate day mothers and day fathers require certain training qualifications. As part of publicly funded day care, qualified day care workers receive a certain hourly rate, which differs locally. The hourly rate is usually income-dependent. It should also be noted that the day care worker can be employed by his employer _ so-called permanent employment. Here, too, hourly rates are granted.

In the consultation at your youth office, you will find out where you can find suitable day mothers and day fathers and which documents you need specifically in order to be able to submit the application to public donations. The Youth Office is also responsible for the aptitude test, qualification and the granting of the care permit for day mothers and fathers.

Forms for applications for cost assumptions or financial support for day care for children are available from the responsible youth office after personal advice.

Further information can be found on the Internet on the respective page of the responsible youth office, the daycare server or in a personal conversation with the youth office on site.