Maternity benefit for legally insured persons Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Expectant mothers receive maternity benefit from their health insurance during the periods of protection, i.e. 6 weeks before birth and 8 weeks thereafter (for premature and multiple births 12 weeks or more). It is a maximum of €13.00 per calendar day. If the average net calendar wage exceeds this maximum, the employer is obliged to pay the difference as a subsidy to the maternity allowance. Together, they are the same as the previous average net salary. Women members of statutory health insurance funds who are entitled to maternity benefit are entitled to are entitled to sickness benefit in the event of incapacity for work, or because of the periods of protection pursuant to Sections 3 (2) and Section 6 (1) of the MuSchG, no remuneration is received. Special rules apply to expectant mothers if you are entitled to unemployment benefit or maintenance allowance under SGB III _ employment promotion at the beginning of the period of protection prior to childbirth. Maternity benefit is then paid in the amount of sickness benefit, provided that there is a right to sickness benefit. On the other hand, women receiving unemployment benefit II are not entitled to maternity benefit. However, during the statutory maternity leave periods, unemployment benefit II is paid to them, taking into account additional requirements from the 13th week of pregnancy.

Certificate of the presumed day of delivery Certificate of Earnings Birth certificate for maternity assistance. You will receive these after childbirth from your municipality.

The application for maternity benefit (= certificate of the presumed day of delivery) must be submitted to the health insurance fund. You will receive the certificate of the presumed day of delivery from your doctor or midwife. Attention: This certificate may not be issued earlier than 7 weeks before the calculated date of birth (one week before the start of the maternity period).

In the statutory health insurance, women insured with a minor employment receive maternity allowance of up to EUR 210.00 by the Federal Insurance Office - Maternity Benefit Office.