Maternity benefit not legally insured Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you are not insured in the statutory health insurance, you will receive the maternity benefit from the Federal Insurance Office.

The following documents are necessary: the fully completed application form, preferably before delivery, the certificate of the presumed date of delivery, which may be issued on time (i.e. no earlier than seven weeks before that date and in no case after the date of delivery), also, if possible, before childbirth, the certificate completed, signed and stamped by your employer, the birth certificate issued by the registry office for your child's maternity assistance

This maternity benefit is paid directly by the Federal Insurance Office (BVA) upon request. The application may be made informally. For more information, please visit:

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They are available at the beginning of the protection period   _ in an employment relationship or _ are employed at home or _ Your employment relationship was terminated during pregnancy.   The maternity benefit paid by the Federal Insurance Office in the amount of a total of up to EUR 210.00 is paid by the Confederation.  

If you are terminated during pregnancy or during the period of protection after childbirth with the consent of the competent authority, or if your employer is unable to pay the maternity allowance due to an insolvency event, you will also receive the maternity allowance from the Federal Insurance Office - if this is also responsible for the payment of the maternity benefit - upon request. In these cases, it is particularly important that your applications and the certificate of the presumed delivery date before delivery are received by the Federal Insurance Office. Otherwise, the BVA must, when examining the claim, proceed from the actual date of delivery. In certain circumstances, this may even mean that the grant cannot be paid for the entire period of protection periods. The application form for the maternity benefit grant will be sent to you by the Federal Insurance Office on request.