Financial investment brokers certifi expert examination Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you would like to broker financial investments commercially against the commission of the issuer, you must prove your expertise to obtain permission. You can do this by examining it in the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Depending on the product category, the test is divided into three areas: Open financial investing Closed financial assets Asset investing The exam consists of a written and a practical part. They must be deposited one after the other. In the written part of the exam, you must prove the necessary legal and professional knowledge, for example with regard to consumer rights and technical terms. In the practical part, you have to carry out a simulated customer consultation. You do not have to meet any formal requirements to register for the exam, but you should prepare yourself intensively for successful participation. The expert examination for financial investment intermediaries corresponds in content to the expert examination for fee-based financial investment advisors. If you have completed vocational training or a degree in banking and finance, this may be recognized instead of the expert examination

Official photo ID for identification during examination

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Registration form depending on the specification of the IHK Online procedure: no Written form requirement: no Personal appearance necessary: yes, for examination Your competent authority shall provide you with the appropriate forms.

No special requirements

Freedom to provide services: In the case of prior, written or electronic notification of a temporary occasional exercise of financial investment brokerage, nationals of a member state of the EU (EU citizen) or a state party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA citizen) can offer their services independently, provided that the legal requirements are met. Detailed information can be found at the following link: Cross-border provision of services in a profession regulated in the Industrial Code Establishment: EU citizens and EEA citizens who want to settle permanently in Germany as financial investment brokers must in principle go through the approval procedure.
You can only take part in an exam after prior registration. The IHK informs in good time before the examination about the details of the examination procedure, place and time You first take part in the written exam If you have passed the written exam, the practical exam takes place After successful examination, you will receive a certificate of your expertise

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