Aid Animal Disease Fund

The Tierseuchenkasse Rheinland-Pfalz can grant you as a pet owner aid to reduce losses caused by animal diseases or their control. In addition, the Tierseuchenkasse grants aid within the framework of administrative measures for the scheduled control of animal diseases and for the maintenance of animal health.

However, aid is only granted for animals for which contributions are required to the Animal Disease Fund (i.e. horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, bee colonies).
The aid is regulated in the aid statutes of the Tierseuchenkasse Rheinland-Pfalz.
Hint:. Aid is not granted in cases where the Animal Health Act provides for compensation.

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In particular, the granting of aid is subject to the fact that you, as the owner of the animals, must:

  • have indicated the correct number of animals when you report to the Animal Disease Fund,
  • have paid the contributions to the Animal Disease Fund on time,
  • have consulted a veterinarian in good time and informed the Veterinary Office of the outbreak of a disease/disease,
  • have had the disease confirmed by a veterinarian (e.g. by an expert opinion or an examination finding),
  • have documented the losses (e.g. by means of slaughter certificates).

In addition to the standard aid, applications for voluntary aid can also be submitted. These motions shall be decided by the Assembly of Representatives of the Animal Disease Fund.

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