SED Victim Compensation (Victims' Pension, Capital Compensation)

The "Third Act for the Improvement of Rehabilitation Regulations for Victims of Political Persecution in the Former GDR", which came into force on 29.08.2007, provides for a victims' pension of up to 300 euros for former political prisoners of the SED dictatorship. This provision was supplemented or improved by the Fourth and Fifth Laws, which came into force on 03.12.2010 and 22.12.2014.

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Former political prisoners of the GDR can receive a victim's pension if

  1. they have suffered a total deprivation of liberty of at least 180 days in violation of the rule of law,
  2. they have not been punished with a custodial sentence of at least three years for an intentional offence;
  3. they are particularly affected in their economic situation, and
  4. there are no grounds for exclusion (violation of the principles of humanity or the rule of law, seriously abused position for one's own benefit or to the detriment of others, and in the accession area significantly promoted the system of that time).

Pensioners and people with economic need are eligible. Pensions due to old age, reduced earning capacity, accident at work or occupational disease, as well as for death or comparable benefits are not taken into account in the assessment of economic need. The income of the spouse/partner is also not taken into account. Survivors of former political prisoners are not entitled to this pension.

There is an economic need

  1. for single beneficiaries to three times the so-called "basic standard rate", (currently 1,197 EUR)
  2. in the case of married or civil partners, as well as beneficiaries living in a marriage-like or civil partnership-like community, four times the basic standard rate (currently EUR 1,596).

The basic standard rate amounts to EUR 399 (as of 01 January 2015).

Further information and application forms can be found on the website of the Directorate of Supervision and Services.

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