Broadcasting contribution in the private sector Exemption

If you receive certain social benefits, such as basic security or unemployment benefit II, you can be exempted from the obligation to pay a broadcasting fee. Recipients of unemployment benefit I, housing benefit or transitional benefit are not entitled to an exemption.

An easy-to-read copy of one of the following documents is suitable for exemption from the obligation to pay a broadcasting fee: Certificate of the Authority Approval notice It is imperative that all of the following conditions are shown from the evidence: Name of the beneficiary What benefit is granted Performance period Please do not send original documents to the contribution service. A return of documents cannot be guaranteed.

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They receive state social benefits, such as: Unemployment benefit II Welfare Bafög Basic security or you are deaf blind or receive help for the blind. Notes: You can apply for an exemption from the broadcasting fee as a special hardship case if you do not receive social benefits because your income exceeds the respective demand limit by less than EUR 17.50. If you are exempt from the obligation to pay contributions, the exemption within the apartment also extends to Your wife or husband Your registered life partner, children of the applicant, his spouse or partner up to the age of 25, the homeowners whose income and assets have been taken into account when granting a social benefit.
You must apply in writing to the competent authority for exemption from the broadcasting contribution. To do this, use the required form. You get it in cities, in the case of municipalities, with the competent authorities and on the Internet. You can fill out the Internet form online. Print it at the end of the input process and sign it. Enbody the necessary evidence and send your documents by post to the appropriate body.