Public procurement Submit a tender in the event of a public tender or open procedure Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

In the public tender (national), all companies that offer the desired services can submit bids. This also applies to the open procedure (EU-wide). This must be carried out if the order volume exceeds the EU threshold. The contracting authority (contracting authority) shall announce the invitations to tender via special tender media.

Which documents, samples or samples you need when submitting your offer can be found in the tender documents.

Your tender must meet the substantive and formal requirements described in the tender documents.

Note: Tenders of the state are usually published on the procurement marketplace Rhineland-Palatinate; EU tenders must in any case be published on TED. TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) is the online version of the "Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union" for European public procurement.
The contracting authority shall publish the call for tenders in tender media, in particular on an e-procurement platform. The contracting entity may not open tenders until after the deadline for the submission of tenders. It usually awards the contract in writing. At the same time, it shall be deemed to be the conclusion of a contract. When creating an offer, you need to consider various formal and content requirements, for example: compliance with the deadline (offer or application deadline), the complete registration of the prices requested, and the declarations and proofs required by the client without gaps. You must also ensure that you have not made any changes to the contract documents. If the contracting entity specifies the use of the eContracting platform (e.B. procurement marketplace RLP), it must be used. The submission of documents in paper form is then not permitted. The completed tender documents (offer or application) should be sent to the contracting authority within the offer or application deadline. In the case of electronic returns, the documents are transmitted in encrypted form. The contracting entity shall examine tenders received in due order and within the prescribed period in accordance with the following criteria: completeness technical correctness and computational correctness It then informs bidders who have not been considered and makes the award publicly known.

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