Display of persons

Who organizes commercial displays of people (e.g. striptease performances, table dance or similar) in his business premises or for whose event wishes to make its business premises available, requires the permission of the competent authority.

To check personal reliability:

  • Identity card or passport
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Excerpt from the Central Trade Register
  • Clearance certificate from the tax office responsible for you (place of residence).
  • Clearance certificate from the trade tax authority (municipality)

To check the object-related prerequisites:

  • Rental, lease or purchase contract and
  • Proof that the premises are suitable for the activity you intend to carry out (if necessary by means of construction drawings/ Floor plans of all operating rooms incl. sanitary facilities)


Permission is granted to the person who has actual control over the rooms concerned, i.e. who in his Rooms itself organizes the exhibition or who makes his business premises available to an organizer. Become leave the rooms for an event for the display of persons to an organizer, so is not the organizer, but the business owner requires permission.

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