Issue a residence permit to participate in a language course or to attend school

Language course: A foreigner may be granted a residence permit to participate in a language course that does not serve to prepare for studies and, in exceptional cases, to attend school.

The language course must be an intensive language course , i.e. there must usually be a daily lesson with at least 18 hours per week. Evening and weekend courses are not sufficient. The language course must be aimed at acquiring comprehensive German language skills and the duration must be limited in time from the outset. If the training goal has not yet been achieved after the end of the course, the residence permit can be extended up to a maximum of 12 months for a total period of validity.

The residence permit to participate in an intensive language course is usually issued to foreigners who only want to acquire German language skills if they have sufficient means of subsistence , whereby a declaration of commitment is sufficient.

In principle, gainful employment is not permitted. During the holidays, gainful employment can be permitted with the consent of the Federal Employment Agency.

School attendance: In principle, a residence permit for school attendance cannot be granted with regard to general and free access to public schools.

It may be granted exceptionally if school attendance

  • e.g. as part of a temporary student exchange ,
  • it is a state or state-approved school with an international orientation
  • in the case of a school which is not or at least predominantly not financed by public funds , which prepares pupils for international diplomas, diplomas from other countries or state-recognised qualifications, ensuring a composition of pupils of different nationalities,
  • if the livelihood of the foreign student is secured, e.g. by payments from the parents, and
  • the willingness to return is ensured after schooling.

Exceptions are also possible for students who have the nationality of Andorra, Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, Korea, Monaco, New Zealand, San Marino, Switzerland or the USA or who, as German nationals, are in possession of an admission notice under the Federal Displaced Persons Act.

For pupils from countries where repatriation encounters difficulties, further restrictions must be observed. Please inquire at your local immigration office.

Hint: There is a prohibition on changing the purpose of the residence permit for a language course or school attendance.

  • Certificate of the purpose of stay (admission to the
    Language course or school visit)
  • Proof of financing (presentation of income and
    financial circumstances of the parents; Deposit of a security deposit into a blocked account in Germany)
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Passport (valid at least for the duration of the requested residence permit)
  • a biometric passport photo

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