Granting a residence permit to pursue highly qualified employment

A residence permit for employment as a specialist with academic training gives you access to the labour market in Germany. It can only be applied for in person at your local immigration office. Spouses of holders of the residence permit for the exercise of qualified employment are also entitled to a residence permit. You can apply for the residence permit if you have completed a university degree. If you do not have a German university degree, your degree must either be recognised or comparable to a German university degree. You can already acknowledge or establish comparability before you enter Germany. In addition, you must present an employment contract or a binding job offer. From the age of 45, you must prove a certain minimum salary. The minimum gross salary is set annually and amounts to EUR 45,540 in 2020. Even if you do not reach this minimum salary, you can obtain a residence permit to pursue qualified employment upon presentation of proof of adequate retirement provision or, in special cases. A special case may be that there is a public interest in employment. The Federal Employment Agency examines whether the working conditions correspond to those of comparable German employees and whether there is a domestic employment relationship. The residence permit is a temporary residence permit. It is granted for permanent employment contracts to 4 years and can be extended. If the duration of your employment relationship is less than 4 years, the residence permit will be issued for the duration of your employment contract. As the holder of a residence permit to exercise qualified employment for professionals with a university degree, you can also obtain a settlement permit under certain conditions. This entitles you to permanent residence. Exception: As a citizen of an EU country, you have access to the labour market due to your right to free movement and do not require a residence permit. Within the framework of the right of establishment or the free movement of employees, you can exercise a self-employed activity or employment in Germany. This also applies to members of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland. Note: If you are highly qualified, the "EU Blue Card" may also be suitable as a residence permit for you. Other conditions apply, including a minimum salary regardless of age.

For entry with a visa: valid passport with visa Insofar as a previous stay with a residence permit for another purpose is available: valid passport residence permit additional: current biometric photo Original of the employment contract or binding job offer Original of the certificate of successfully completed university education if available: Decision on the recognition or comparability of the university degree Certificate assessment of the Central Office for Foreign Education in the case of regulated professions: your professional license (e.g. license to practice medicine or professional license) Current registration certificate if necessary: professional licence Proof of your health insurance lease

Forms: yes Online procedure possible: no Written form required: yes Personal appearance necessary: yes The forms can be obtained from your responsible immigration office or on their website.

You have a German university degree, or a recognised foreign university degree, or a foreign university degree that is comparable to a German university degree. You have a workplace, or a job offer. You have a qualification that qualifies you to pursue employment. If necessary, you have a professional license, for example, license to practice medicine as a pharmacist. Working conditions and in particular salary must be comparable to those of a German employee, the approval of the Federal Employment Agency is required. You can secure your livelihood and health insurance coverage from your income without using public services. There is no interest in expulsion against you. Your stay does not endanger or affect the interests of the Federal Republic of Germany.
You must apply for your residence permit in person: Arrange an appointment with the immigration office responsible at your place of residence. During the appointment, your proofs will be checked and your fingerprints for the electronic residence title (eAT card) will be taken. The authority will send your application to the Employment Agency. The Employment Agency gives feedback to the Immigration Office. If your application is approved, the Immigration Office instructs the Bundesdruckerei to produce the eAT card You will receive a message by post that your application has been approved and the eaT card is being produced, or that your application has been rejected. Since the eAT card is connected to an online ID function, you must pick it up in person. You will receive the information by post that you can pick up the eAT card at the Immigration Office.

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