Residence permit Granted for the return of parents and other family members Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Other family members of Germans and foreign nationals living in Germany may, in special cases of hardship, obtain a residence permit for family reasons. This allows them to move to Germany and is entitled to work. Other family members are relatives who are not Children Spouses or registered life partners or life partners.

Proof of compliance with passport and visa requirements Proof of proof of livelihood Proof that there is no grounds for expulsion against you Proof that you do not endanger or affect the interests of the Federal Republic of Germany in case of moving to Germans additionally: proof of German nationality and habitual residence in Germany by the person you are following in case of moving to non-Germans additionally: Proof of the residence permit of your family member already living in Germany Proof of sufficient housing Proof that there is a special case of hardship Note: Depending on the other requirements you have to meet, the competent authority may request additional documentation.

They comply with the passport and visa requirements. Your livelihood is secured without using public funds. There is no grounds for expulsion against you. Your stay does not endanger or affect the interests of the Federal Republic of Germany. in case of moving to Germans in addition: The person you are following has German nationality and is usually resident in Germany. in the case of non-Germans: your family member, who already lives in Germany, has a Permission to set up, Permission for permanent residence-EC or Residence permit and sufficient living space. There is a particular case of hardship, e.B. because the family members living here depend on your life support due to need for care. In addition, you must meet additional requirements. Inquire directly with the appropriate authority.

Foreign nationals in a family relationship with Germans are in most cases granted a residence permit after three years. Young people of foreign nationals who grew up in Germany or have entered as part of the children's reunification, may also obtain a residence permit under simplified conditions. The movement of family members of nationals of EU/EEA countries is governed by the Free Movement Act/EU. This means: Family members of EU/EEA nationals who are themselves members of an EU or EEA country can enter freely and pursue employment. Family members of EU/EEA nationals who are not members of any EU or EEA country also have a right of entry and residence. Since 1 September 2011, you will receive a residence permit in the form of a cheque card with additional electronic functions. For more information, see Electronic Residence Permit (eAT) .