Fireworks apply for exemption for private individuals

Only at the turn of the year (on 31 December and 1 January) may fireworks of category F2 be burned by private individuals over the age of 18. If private individuals, i.e. persons without a commercial background and without a permit pursuant to Section 7 or 27 of the Explosives Act or a certificate of competency under Section 20 of the Explosives Act, wish to burn fireworks of category F2 at another time, this may be authorised by the competent authority on grounds of justified grounds in individual cases such private individuals require an exemption permit for this purpose. Some administrations consider a golden wedding.B, a round birthday or another anniversary as a reasoned occasion. However, there is no legal right to grant this exemption. In addition, an air permit may be required under the Air Transport Act (LuftVG) and the Air Transport Regulations (LuftVO). In principle, it is not possible to grant exemptions for private individuals which may lead to a disturbance of the night's rest. The competent authority may, on a case-by-case basis, allow exceptions to the prohibition where the exercise during the night time is required in the public interest or in the overriding interest of a party concerned.

Identity card (as proof of age and place of residence) Application documents (available from the district or city administration) for the purpose of fireworks The exemption may be subject to conditions (e.B.g. that the fire brigade is present during the burning of the fireworks or that liability insurance must be proven). You can find out whether and what conditions are connected with the approval at the district or district office responsible for you. municipality. The additional air permit, if any, requires, for example, information on the exact ascent location, the altitude and the category of fireworks.

Both the requests and the applications can be submitted informally at least four weeks before the promotion. However, it is recommended to use the forms of the county or municipal authorities.

The ascent of fireworks requires permission if it occurs at a distance of less than 1.5 kilometres from the limitation of aerodromes (e.g. airports, commercial and special landing sites and gliding sites) or if the fireworks rise more than 300 metres. In particular, the intended use of airspace must not pose a risk to public safety and order or even the safety of air transport.

Note: Even with such an exemption, private individuals may not burn fireworks of category F2 (rockets with more than 20 g net explosive mass), F3 and F4, as well as stage fireworks of category T2 or other pyrotechnic articles of category P2.

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