Birth abroad Notarization

If you or a close relative were born abroad, you can apply for the subsequent certification of the birth in the birth register (formerly birth book) at the registry office in Germany.

There is no obligation to post-certification properly issued birth certificates from abroad are generally recognised in Germany.

However, the subsequent entry in the birth register can be an advantage, because the local registry office can then issue you with a German birth certificate. Any translations and certifications of the foreign document will therefore no longer apply in the future.

  • foreign birth certificate with translation; if necessary, legalization / apostille
  • valid identity card, passport or travel document
  • Marriage and birth certificates of the parents of the person to whom the entry refers
  • if applicable, naturalization certificate / citizenship card

In addition, the presentation of further documents may be required please inquire about this in advance at the registry office.


The post-certification of the birth is possible for

  • German citizens
  • Stateless, homeless foreigners and foreign refugees habitually resident in Germany

Eligible applicants are

  • the person to be registered himself
  • their parents
  • their children
  • the spouse or partner
  • Registry Office I in Berlin: Information on the birth of a child abroad

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  • ยง 36 Civil Status Act (PStG) (births and deaths abroad)
  • Nationality Act (StAG)

Details of the modalities and the documents that the registry office requires from you in detail, please ask there in advance by phone.

  • Compile the necessary documents and visit the registry office.
  • The registrar checks whether notarization by a German registry office is possible.
  • If the conditions are met, the entry in the birth register can take place.

If necessary, the registry office will issue you with a birth certificate after successful registration.

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