Nursing homes (PSP)

A nursing home (PSP) is a local point of contact for patients or their relatives. PSPs are intended to reduce the organisational effort involved in applying for services for the treatment of illnesses, assistance with care and assistance for the elderly.

The tasks of the WBS include:

  • Survey of all social, health and nursing care, care and counselling services, including the relevant activities of self-help and civic engagement in the catchment area of the nursing home, and the preparation of appropriate information documents.
  • Networking of coordinated care and social care, care and counselling services.
  • Coordination and coordination of health-promoting, preventive, curative, rehabilitative and other medical, nursing and social support and support services.
  • I nformation , information and advice for all citizens of their catchment area. They advise on rights and obligations under the Social Code and on the selection and use of social benefits and other offers of assistance provided for by federal or state law.
  • Self-help and civic engagement are integrated and accompanied in the nursing homes. The bases support and promote the voluntary commitment of relatives and volunteers. This emphasises the overall social responsibility for care.
  • Involvement of church and social institutions and organizations, which are to make their offers and support services known to people in need of help and care and their relatives in the nursing home.

The citizens' telephone number for long-term care insurance of the Federal Ministry of Health can also be contacted for details of the Law on the Reorientation of Long-Term Care Insurance (PNG) on tel.: +49 30 3406066-02.

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