Family name change due to the declaration on the naming of spouses Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

There are many ways to determine the naming of the name. In some cases, special features must also be taken into account, e.g. for the naming of foreign spouses or if there are children born before marriage. Therefore, seek advice from the registry office in these cases. At many registry offices, you can also request a leaflet by phone or e-mail or view or print it on the Internet at your municipality. As a spouse, you can keep your previous names. When the first child is born, you must decide whether the child should be given your name or that of your spouse as the birth name. This declaration also applies to the other children. You can also choose your spouse's birth name or actual name for the wedding name when you marry or later _ there is no deadline for doing so. The name from a previous marriage, including a possible companion name, can also be considered as a name that is actually kept. The marriage name provision is irrevocable. Children are given the parents' marriage name.

Valid identity card or passport Marriage certificate

Procedure When you marry, you make an explanation to the registrar as to which name you and your spouse intend to keep in the future. If you wish to change your name at a later date, please speak to the registry office in person. Foreign spouses are generally subject to the naming rights of their home country. If (at least) one of the future spouses is habitually resident in Germany, the law of the State to which the foreign spouse belongs exists between the law of the foreign spouse and German law.