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Certification of a marriage abroad by a German registry office Marriages concluded abroad are generally recognised in Germany. However, German citizens have the option of having such marriages entered in the marriage register of their German residence registry office upon application; this also applies to stateless persons, homeless foreigners and foreign refugees.

For information on the documents required for the application for the subsequent certification of a marriage concluded abroad, please contact the registry office. Regularly required are: Marriage certificate (marriage certificate) about the marriage concluded abroad, if necessary with certification by the competent foreign authority (apostille) or legalization by the German mission abroad valid identity card, passport or travel document if applicable, naturalisation certificate, nationality card Translations of all documents in a foreign language by translators sworn in in Germany Other additional documents required: at the birth of the spouses in Germany: the birth certificates At the birth of the spouses abroad: the birth certificates with certification by the competent foreign authority (apostille) or legalization by the German mission abroad Has a spouse been married before: certified copy from the marriage register of the last marriage with a note of dissolution alternatively or in the case of a previous marriage abroad: proof of the conclusion and dissolution of all previous marriages for example, marriage certificates, death certificates, all divorce decrees (complete and with a note from the court as to when the judgment is final / "legal force note") if applicable, recognition of the foreign divorce by the President of the Higher Regional Court Had a spouse ever established a registered civil partnership: Proof of the establishment and dissolution of all civil partnerships

Informal application - each of the two spouses is entitled to apply; both have died, including their parents and children.

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