Granting a residence permit for the purpose of research Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you want to work as a scientist at a German research institution, you can obtain a residence permit for the purpose of research under certain circumstances. The residence permit entitles you to work for the research project referred to in the hosting agreement and to pursue activities in teaching. The term "research institution" also includes companies that carry out research.

Proof that you meet the requirements a current biometric passport photo

Even when staying for the purpose of research, the general requirements for obtaining a residence permit must be met. It is therefore necessary that: you comply with the passport and visa requirement, Their livelihood is secured (the livelihood is considered secure by researchers if income in the amount of two thirds of the reference value within the meaning of § 18 of the Fourth Book of the Social Code is achieved. there is no reason for expulsion, and Your stay is not affected or endangered for any other reason interests of the Federal Republic of Germany. In addition, there are the special conditions for the stay for the purpose of research: You are a scientist and want to work at a German research institution. The research institution must have been recognised by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF). You have concluded a hosting agreement with the research institution. There is a declaration of assumption of costs from the research institution. Recognised research institutions may undertake to cover the costs of subsistence on a case-by-case basis or in general. General takeover declarations are published daily on the Internet by the BAMF. Please also note the further information in the following services: Visa: apply - for the purpose of entering Germany Electronic residence permit (eAT)

The residence permit for the purpose of research can be revoked in the following cases: Your research institution has lost its recognition due to one of your actions, You no longer do any research or You can no longer meet one of the conditions for which the hosting agreement was concluded with you.
The research institution recognised by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) concludes a hosting agreement with you, which must contain the following information: exact name of your research project Obligation on your part to carry out the research project as well as that of the research institution to hire you for this purpose Information on the contract between you and the institution (e.B salary, holidays, working hours) Provision that the hosting agreement will become invalid if you do not obtain a residence permit for the purpose of research The research institution forwards the concluded hosting agreement to the competent immigration authority (for the issuance of the residence permit) or mission abroad (for the issuance of a visa). If the project changes during the research period, this is harmless as long as you remain employed by the same research institution. If you already have a residence permit from another EU Member State, there are the following options: the EU Member State is also a Schengen State If your stay does not last longer than three months, you can enter Germany with this residence permit and work as a researcher without applying for a German residence permit. However, if you have already worked in Germany within the previous twelve months, you will need a Schengen visa for your new stay, which allows you to do your research. If your research stay lasts longer than three months, you must apply for a German residence permit at the responsible immigration office within three months of your entry. If you have already worked in Germany within the previous twelve months, you must apply for a national visa before entering the country, which expressly allows you to work as a researcher. the EU Member State is not a Schengen State In this case, you always need even for the first three months a residence permit. This residence permit can be, for example, a visa that you can apply for at the relevant diplomatic mission abroad. Depending on the period for which you need one, you will receive a Schengen or a national visa that allows research activities.

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