Residence permit Granted for the exercise of an independent activity Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

A temporary residence permit for the pursuit of an independent activity may be issued after entry with an appropriate national visa, provided that the financing of the implementation is secured and positive effects are expected on the economy. The residence permit is limited to a stay of three years. If your company is successful and your livelihood is still secured, a residence permit can then be issued. If you have obtained a residence permit for another purpose, you may still be allowed to carry out an independent activity if you have been granted or promised the otherwise necessary permits.

Evidence of the above conditions in the case of self-employment: additional Evidence of the investment project Proof of financing (total and number of jobs) for applicants over 45 years of age: additional Proof of adequate pensions where applicable, proof of professional licences (e.B. restaurant permit, entry in the craft role an up-to-date biometric passport image

The issue of a residence permit normally requires that: you are fulfilling the passport and visa requirement (in order to comply with the passport requirement, it is sufficient if you have a replacement for your identity card), the subsistence is secured without the use of public funds (the subsistence is considered to be secured if income is earned at the basic social assistance rule rate plus the costs of accommodation and heating and any health insurance contributions), there is no reason for expulsion and Your stay does not affect or endanger the interests of the Federal Republic of Germany for any other reason. In addition, it is necessary to there is an overriding economic interest or a particular regional need to: the activity can be expected to have a positive impact on the economy, and the financing of the implementation by equity or by a loan commitment. If these conditions are met, a case-by-case assessment is carried out to determine, among other things, whether the planned activity is based on a viable business idea. Among other things, the importance is: Entrepreneurial experience Amount of capital input Impact on employment and training Contribution to innovation and research The aliens' authority shall seek the views of competent bodies. If you wish to work as a freelancer, the special conditions for self-employed persons do not have to be met, but you will instead need the necessary permits to pursue the profession or at least the commitment to grant it. The group of freelancers is oriented towards the catalogue occupations of Section 18 (1) No. 1 of the Income Tax Act, which include, for example, artists, writers, accountants, tax consultants, interpreters or architects. The prerequisite is that the freelance activity is actually carried out independently. If you are over 45 years of age, you will only receive a residence permit if you have adequate pensions. Please also refer to the further information on the topic "Visa and residence permit" in the following services: Introduction of the electronic residence permit (eAT) Visa: apply - for the purpose of entry into Germany

By way of their right of free movement, Union citizens may pursue an independent activity in the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany within the framework of their right of establishment. The same applies to other nationals of the European Economic Area as well as nationals of Switzerland.