Residence permit Granted for the purpose of applying for study or studying Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Foreigners may be granted a residence permit at a state or state-recognised higher education institution or similar training institution for the purpose of applying for and studying, including preparatory measures. Applicants are foreigners who do not yet have admission to study. The application for a course of study, which ends with proof of a place of study or by presenting a study place commitment, may not last longer than nine months. Preparatory measures are already part of the course and include the pre-study language courses associated with the commencement of studies in accordance with higher education law and the attendance of the college. As a rule, the period of validity of the residence permit for study and the necessary preparatory measures should not exceed two years, but may be extended if the purpose of the stay has not yet been achieved and can still be achieved within a reasonable time.

Certificate of residence purpose (admission to study or enrolment certificate and proof of progress of studies Proof of financing (e.B. presentation of the parents' income and assets, payment of a security deposit to a blocked account in Germany, scholarship contract) Proof of health insurance Passport (valid at least for the duration of the requested residence permit) _ for Swiss citizens, a valid identity card is sufficient a biometric passport image

It must be a course of study at a state or state-recognised higher education institution (university, pedagogical college, art college, university of applied sciences) or at a comparable training institution. The study must be the main purpose of the stay. This includes all phases of training: Language course or study college for study preparation Language exam traineeships preparing for study (if recommended or prescribed by the university) Studies (basic studies, main studies, internships, intermediate and final examinations) Postgraduate, additional, supplementary studies or doctorate practical activities following a course of study (if they are a prescribed part of the training) ensuring the financing of the subsistence (currently at least 659 euros per month _ the corresponding minimum amounts are published annually by the Federal Ministry of the Interior in the Federal Gazette) and health insurance in Germany. Fulfillment of the conditions for access to the desired educational institution. The general school requirements for access to the desired educational institution cannot be made up in the Federal Republic of Germany. Note: During the course of study (main purpose of residence), employment may be carried out for up to 120 days or 240 half days per year, as well as ancillary student activities. These must not result in any significant delay in the course of study to be carried out within a reasonable period of time. A change to another purpose of residence is generally not permitted. The purpose of the course of residence is in principle determined by the specific subject (study course and, where applicable, study subjects) which will be indicated in the residence permit. A change of subject is only harmless in the first 18 months (three semesters) after the start of the studies. In the event of a subsequent change of course or subject, the law on higher education must be taken into account. If the change is permissible thereafter, the purpose of the stay will not be affected if the previous study achievements are credited to the extent that the total duration of the study is not extended by more than 18 months (confirmation of the university). An unreasonable delay in the study or exceeding the average duration of study (i.e. the standard study period is not exceeded by more than three semesters) may result in the extension of the residence permit being refused. The extension must be requested before the expiry of the validity period. Note: If you have successfully completed your studies, your residence permit can be extended by up to 18 months to find a job appropriate to your degree under certain conditions. Note: The right of freedom of movement of Union citizens and other nationals of the European Economic Area automatically includes the possibility of studying in the Federal Republic of Germany. The prerequisite is that health insurance cover and livelihoods are adequately secured. The same applies to the right of residence of Swiss nationals.

The stay is always allowed for a limited period of time and with the purpose of the stay. If the purpose of the stay changes, you must report this to the competent authority immediately. You must apply for renewal of your residence permit in good time before the expiry of the validity period.