Law Firm - Admission (RLP) Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Limited liability companies whose subject matter is advising and representing in legal matters may be admitted as a law firm. The specific requirements are as follows: The object of the company is only legal advice and representation Shareholders are professional professionals who are capable of doing so Shareholders are professionally active in the company majority of shares and voting rights are vested in lawyers No participation in debt capital responsible leadership by lawyers Company contains name of a legal partner and name of the "lawyer company"

a copy or a publicly certified copy of the partnership agreement, the conclusion of professional inertisation insurance must be established or a provisional guarantee of cover must be available.

The company is registered by the commissioned notary for registration in the commercial register. As soon as the board has received confirmation of the registration, the admission is granted. The participation of law firms in associations for the joint practice of the profession is not permitted. The Bar Association shall immediately notify any change in the partnership agreement, the shareholders or in the person of those entitled to represent them pursuant to Section 59f, as well as the establishment or dissolution of branches of the Bar Association, with the addition of a publicly certified copy of the respective document.