Tax advisor reappointment

Former tax advisors and tax agents may be reappointed under certain conditions.

Application Photo Evidence that the reasons for revoking the order no longer exist provisional cover commitment on the application for professional insinuated insurance

In addition to passing the tax consultant examination or aptitude test (or exemption from the tax consultant examination), your personal aptitude determines whether you are reappointed for the job. The Tax Advisors' Chamber, to which you were a part at the time of the expiry or revocation of the order, is also involved in the reappointment procedure. As a tax advisor, you can be reappointed if: the appointment has expired by waiver to the competent chamber of tax advisors, a final exclusion from the profession has been revoked by pardon or has elapsed for at least eight years since the final exclusion, or the order has been revoked and the reasons that were decisive for the revocation no longer exist.
You must apply in writing to the Chamber of Tax Advisors of Rhineland-Palatinate for re-appointment in accordance with the officially prescribed form. Submit the completed form and the necessary evidence to the Tax Advisors' Chamber and transfer the fee for processing the application. The Chamber of Tax Advisors checks whether you meet the requirements and decides on your application. The order is made by handing over a certificate. If you have any questions or need help with the application, the Chamber of Tax Advisors of Rhineland-Palatinate will provide you with further information.