Sailing non-navigable waters Permit Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

In principle, navigable waters may be used by anyone with all vessels. Beyond the federal waterways, no waters have been designated navigable in Rhineland-Palatinate within the meaning of the Land Water Act. Other waters nicht may be used by non-motorized vessels such as paddle boats or canoes, unless prohibited or restricted for reasons of nature conservation or water law. However, in exceptional cases, motorised vehicles may be authorised to drive on these waters by means of a revocable authorisation in accordance with Paragraph 42(4) of the LWG. Such authorisation shall not be required if the use of a non-navigable body of water is authorised as a common use by the competent water authority.

An application is required containing information on the vessel, the route (location plan) and the frequency of journeys. Due to the necessary involvement of other authorities, the application documents must be submitted in at least three copies. The further details of the application documents must be agreed in advance with the upper water authority.

The request must be made in writing.

The revocable authorisation is usually granted for a limited period of time.