Building permit: simplified approval procedure Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Paragraph 66(1) sentence 1 of the Land Building Code Rhineland-Palatinate (LBauO) lists projects for which the simplified approval procedure is to be carried out. These include, for example, residential buildings of building classes 1 _ 3 (i.e. the floor of no floor in which common rooms are possible may be on average more than 7 m above the surface of the site) including their outbuildings and ancillary facilities. In the case of the projects listed in Paragraph 66(2) of the LBauO, a simplified authorisation procedure shall be carried out only if certificates are submitted by experts recognised by the building authorities that stability and fire protection are guaranteed. In the simplified approval procedure, the building supervision examination is limited to admissibility in accordance with the regulations of the Building Code, local building regulations (Section 88 LBauO), Section 52 LBauO and other public regulations. The conformity of the project with the building regulations, i.e. also the Land Building Code Rhineland-Palatinate, is not examined. The application for a building permit in the simplified approval procedure must be submitted in writing to the municipal administration or the municipal administration of the association. The required forms can be found here . Which building documents have to be submitted with the building application is determined by Section 7 of the Land Ordinance on Building Documents and the Construction Technical Examination. The building application and the building documents must be signed by the client as well as draft authors who are entitled to submit building documents.