Approvals of establishments and establishments for intra-Community marketing under the Internal Market Animal Disease Protection Regulation

If you are commercial

  • monkeys and semi-apes and products derived from those animals,
  • productive and breeding poultry (including day-old chicks) in consignments of more than 19 animals, excluding poultry for the rearrangement of wild game,
  • hatching eggs in consignments of more than 19 pieces,
  • semen of bovine, porcine, equine, ovine and caprine animals, or
  • Embryos and ova of bovine, equine, porcine, ovine and caprine animals

If you want to move to other EU countries or operate a livestock trading company, a dealer stable or a collection point for farm animals, your farm needs an official approval.

Prerequisite: Compliance with legal requirements is ensured.

Please ask the competent authority for the information and documents to be submitted. These vary depending on the individual case.

Applications for authorisation may be submitted to the competent authority without specific formal requirements.

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