Imports, transit, exports and intra-Community movements under animal health and food legislation: authorisation Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

You must obtain a permit for imports, transit and occasionally for the export and intra-Community movements of animals and animal products and of goods which may be carriers of contagious substances. This shall not apply to animals and goods originating in a third country which are accompanied by a certificate and for which there is no authorisation requirement. Authorisation may not be granted if there is a fear of the spread of animal disease. products and products that are not compatible with the laws in force in Germany, except for food intended exclusively for scientific purposes, trade fairs, exhibitions or similar events, food samples and samples in small quantities, may not be moved to the country. Their transit requires customs supervision.

Please ask the aforementioned ministry for the information and documents to be provided. These vary depending on the individual case.

Applications for a permit without certain formal requirements can be sent to the Ministry of Environment, Energy, Food and Forestry, Kaiser-Friedrich-Str. 1, 55116 Mainz.

It is recommended that, even in cases of doubt, first contact the ministry mentioned above.