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If you slaughter at least 50 livestock units on average per week as an operator of a slaughterhouse or as a trader, or provide workers who feed, numb or bleed to slaughter animals, you must designate the competent authority as a person responsible for complying with the requirements of the Animal Welfare Act.

Presentation of the knowledge and skills of the person responsible.

In individual cases, the competent authority may also require operators of the following livestock holdings, establishments and establishments to designate a person authorised to issue instructions: livestock farming, including horse husbandry, Facilities in which animal tests are carried out, vertebrate organs or tissues are taken whole or in part to transplant organs or tissues for purposes other than scientific purposes, to plant cultures or to examine isolated organs, tissues or cells, or vertebrates are killed for scientific purposes, Facilities and establishments, transporting animals commercially, where animals are fed, cared for or housed during transport, Circus establishments which are not commercially operated.

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