Animal Welfare Officer: Order and Notification

The institutions of the following institutions shall appoint one or more animal welfare officers and notify the competent authority of the appointment:

  • establishments where animal testing is carried out on vertebrates or cephalopods,
  • establishments in which vertebrate animals or cephalopods intended for use in animal experiments are bred or kept, including for the purpose of supplying them to third parties;
  • establishments where vertebrate animals are killed for scientific purposes;
  • establishments in which organ and tissue removal is carried out for purposes other than scientific purposes; 

The notification shall be accompanied by documents showing the fulfilment of the conditions and information on the position and powers of the animal welfare officer.


  • University degree in veterinary medicine (the competent authority may allow exceptions)
  • the knowledge and skills required to carry out the tasks, and
  • the reliability required for this

The Animal Welfare Officer is obliged to:

  • to ensure compliance with regulations, conditions and obligations in the interest of animal welfare,
  • to advise the establishment and the persons involved in animal testing and the keeping of laboratory animals, in particular with regard to the welfare of the animals during acquisition, accommodation and care and their medical treatment,
  • to comment on any application for approval of an experimental project,
  • to work internally towards the development and introduction of procedures and means for the prevention, reduction and improvement of animal experiments.

Where several animal welfare officers are appointed, their areas of responsibility shall be defined.

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