Registration in the craftsman's role - right to exercise an additional craft in accordance with Section 7a HWO Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

You are already registered in the craft role and would like to practice an additional craft? Then, under certain conditions, you can apply for an exercise permit for an additional craft in accordance with the Crafts Code (HwO). Attention: With an exercise permission you do not acquire the authorization to lead the master title. The training qualification is subject to a separate review. The right to exercise may be limited to technically and economically delimitable sub-activities of a craft.

Proof of registration in the craft role Proof of expertise in the newly applied for craft Training, training and work certificates, references, if available Certified copy of identity card or similar identification document (if you have not already provided proof of identity when you are registered in the craft role)

Applications/forms are received from the competent Chamber of Crafts.

Registration in the craft roll with another craft Proof of expertise You must demonstrate master-like knowledge and skills in the (partial) craft in question. If sufficient proof of qualification is not possible, you can demonstrate the necessary knowledge and skills in an informal expert examination.
It is necessary to submit an application for an exercise permit to the competent Chamber of Crafts. You must submit the application together with all documents.

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