Grant an exemption permit for registration in the craft role Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

You can apply for an exemption permit for registration in the craft role in accordance with the Crafts Code if: there is an exceptional reason and your master-like knowledge and skills in the requested crafts as well as in the commercial and general law field. With an exemption permit granted, you fulfil the conditions for registration in the craft role for a craft trade subject to authorisation. Attention: With an exemption, you do not acquire the right to hold the master's degree. The right to train in the craft sector in question requires separate verification. An exemption may be limited to technically and economically delimitable sub-activities of a craft subject to authorisation.

completed application form proof of expertise or qualification and/or Proof of the duration of the professional practice in the requested craft (training, continuing training and work certificates, references), if available

Applications/forms are received from the competent Chamber of Crafts.

Prerequisites are: Exception reason An exceptional reason for an indefinite exemption permit exists if you cannot be expected to take the master's examination for an exceptional period of time. An exceptional reason for a temporary exemption permit may exist, for example, in the case of: prolonged unemployment Opportunity to take over the company Proof of expertise The master's examination must be carried out in the case of a temporary exemption permit.

Once you have received the exemption, you can be registered in the craft role. You may also work as a technical manager or technical manager in another company.
Please apply to the competent Chamber of Crafts together with all documents.