Applying for a permit for pawn shops

Anyone wishing to operate the business of a pawnbroker or pawnbroker requires the permission of the competent authority.

The authorisation may be subject to conditions to the extent necessary for the protection of the general public or the pledgers; under the same conditions, the subsequent inclusion, amendment and supplementation of conditions is also permitted. Permission shall be refused if:

1.facts justify the assumption that the applicant does not have the necessary reliability for the business operation; or

2. does not prove the funds or corresponding securities required for the business operation.

Required documents:

  • current extract from the commercial or cooperative register, if the company is entered in the register
  • Police certificate of good conduct for submission to an authority
  • Information from the Central Trade Register for submission to an authority for the applicant and, if necessary, for the legal representatives
  • Information on entries in the debtor register of the district court(s) in whose district there has been a place of residence in the last three years
  • Information on entries in the insolvency register of the district court(s) in whose district a place of residence has existed in the last five years as well as a declaration by the competent district court whether insolvency proceedings have been opened
  • if applicable, clearance certificate from the responsible tax office
  • Proof of the funds or securities required for the business operation
  • Proof of insurance in accordance with the Pfandleihverordnung. -Floor plan drawing of the operating rooms in duplicate

Please note that this count is not exhaustive; it is therefore recommended to inform yourself in good time with the competent authority.

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If there are no grounds for refusal, there is a legal claim to permission. Business operations may not be started before permission is granted. The commencement of the activity must be reported to the municipality in which the pawn shop business is to be operated (business registration or, if applicable, business re-registration).

The pawnbroker must inform the competent authority at the beginning of the business operation which premises he uses for the commercial enterprise; furthermore, he must immediately notify of any change in the premises used for the commercial enterprise.

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