Permission for the provision / dispensing of substances according to ChemVerbotsV Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Anyone who dispenses, dispenses or makes available to third parties substances or mixtures for which a permit requirement is referred to in Annex 2 of the Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance requires the permission of the competent authority or proof of competence. That is, if you are commercially (a) substances or mixtures which, in accord with Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008, are 1.dem hazard pictogram GH506 (skull) or 2.dem hazard pictogram GH508 (health hazard) and the signal word danger and one of the hazard statements H340 ,H350, H350i, H360, H360F, H360D, H360 FD, H360Fd, H360Df, H370, H372 or make available, you must obtain the permission of the competent authority. If you are a professional (b) Ammonium nitrate potassium nitrate potassium permanganate sodium nitrate (c) substances or mixtures not scheduled in accordance with (a) or (b) which: 1. in accordy with Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008, shall be marked with: 1.1 the hazard pictogram GH03 (flame over a circle) 1.2 the hazard pictogram GHS02 (flame) and one of the following hazard statements: H224, H241, or H242 or 2. When used as intended, develop hydrogen phosphorus , you must have proof of competence, have the required reliability and be at least 18 years old. If you have any questions of understanding, it is recommended to contact the competent authority. Permission is granted to those who has proven competence in accordance with the Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance, has the required reliability, and is at least 18 years old. Undertakings shall be authorised if they employ persons who comply with the above requirements at each establishment where the substances or mixtures referred to in paragraph 1 are supplied or made available. The authorisation may be limited to individual substances or mixtures or to certain groups of substances or mixtures. The permit can be granted subject to conditions and conditions can also be ordered retrospectively. Do not require permission pharmacies manufacturers, importers and distributors who supply the aforementioned substances and mixtures only to resellers, professional users and public research, investigation and educational establishments. The simplified requirements specified in Annex 2, column 3 of the Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance are sufficient for this levy. Form H-phrases according to CLP Regulation (excerpt) Form H-phrases (2) according to CLP Regulation (excerpt) Form Appendix 2 (to §§ 5 to 11) Requirements relating to the submission

Documents proving that you meet the above requirements for granting a permit. How the required expertise is proven results from the Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance.

Sufficient expertise is a prerequisite for permission. If the entrepreneur is not competent himself, his company must employ persons with expertise who are competent for the corresponding activities. Knowledgeable persons are druggists, pharmacists, pharmacist assistants and pharmacy engineers, PTA, pharmacy assistants, certified pest controllers, university graduates under appropriate conditions. For these persons, the legislator assumes that they have acquired the expertise in the course of their training. Other persons must take an additional proficiency test with the competent authority.

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