Slaughter and meat inspection Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you are commercially slaughtering animals whose meat is intended for human consumption, you must have the animals officially examined before and after slaughter. This concerns the slaughter of: cattle pigs damage goats horses and other ungulates, If necessary, poultry Possibly hare-animals Farm game. The obligation to carry out an inspection also applies to domestic slaughterings other than rabbits and poultry without physical abnormalities.

Information on the food chain shall be provided.

Commercial slaughtering may only be carried out in approved establishments, which must therefore be known to the authorities. In the case of poultry and hare animals, there are exceptions based on the number of animals slaughtered per year and to be enquired by the competent authority.
They shall indicate the animals intended for slaughter for slaughter. This is done by an official veterinarian, who releases the healthy animal for slaughter. You may then carry out the slaughter if you have any knowledge. After killing the animal, the official veterinarian looks at the meat and its organs. If there are no abnormalities, the meat is released for further processing. In pigs and horses, trichine examinations (threadworms) are then carried out before the meat is then released for further processing.