Requesting energy supply networks permission to start network operation

If you intend to start operating an energy supply network, you must apply for permission to do so.

Presentation of the company Proof of the legal form of the company (commercial register extract, partnership agreement) Information on the network (representation of the network, network capacity, pressure stages or voltage levels, connection points and their structure) Documents on personnel and technical performance Organization chart with number of employees and their qualification, technical equipment (see VDN Guideline S 1000 or DVGW worksheet G 1000), presentation of contracts with subcontractors Economic performance documents (proof of equity, shareholdings in the company, final profit and loss account, annual report) When establishing or acquiring a network: presentation of a forecast of income forecast (investments and depreciation, capital and financial plan, operating expenses, profit and loss account)

You own the performance in terms of personnel, technology and economics, and reliability to ensure the long-term operation of the grid in accordance with the provisions of the Energy Economics Act.