Animal by-products, derived products, carcass disposal Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Registration: Undertakings, installations and establishments wishing to take part in the production, transport, handling, processing, storage, placing on the market, distribution, use or disposal of animal by-products and derived products must notify the competent authority of their activities before the start of the operation. They are then registered. Obligation to approve: Installations or establishments which carry out certain activities shall be authorised by the competent authority. This includes, for example: Processors Certain incineration plants/co-incineration plants of animal by-products Holdings using animal by-products or derived products as fuel Manufacturers of pet food Manufacturers of organic fertilisers and soil improvers Holdings converting animal by-products and/or derived products into biogas or compost Certain treatment plants of animal by-products (e.g. sorting, disaseing, cooling, freezing, salting, removal of hides and skins or specified risk material) certain storage facilities of animal by-products and their derived products (e.g. in the event of planned landfilling, incineration, use as fuel, use as feed, use as organic fertilisers and soil improvers) In rare cases, authorisations are required for certain uses of animal by-products, e.g. for the incineration of horses in crematoria, for the use of animal by-products for diagnostic, teaching and research purposes, or for the preparation of carcasses.

They must inform the competent authority of the operation or intended activity of animal by-products or derived products, your name, Your address, the nature of animal by-products or derived products, and of the intended activity View. Please contact the competent authority for the information and documents to be provided. These vary depending on the individual case.

Advertisements and applications for authorisation or authorisation can be addressed to the competent authority without any specific formal requirements.

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