Animal testing: Approval display Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Any attempt to carry out tests on vertebrate animals must be approved by the competent authority.

The application must contain all the information contained in the Animal Welfare Experimental Animal Ordinance.

The experiment is essential. The responsible manager of the project and his deputy shall have the necessary professional competence and there are no doubts as to their reliability. The necessary premises, installations, equipment and other material resources are available and meet the requirements. The personnel and organisational requirements, including the activities of the Animal Welfare Officer, are in place. Accommodation, care, care of the animals and medical care are ensured in accordance with the legal requirements. For universities or other institutions: Persons carrying out the animal tests must be employed at the institution or authorised to use the facility with the consent of the responsible manager. Authorisation shall be granted for a limited period of five years.

Not all experimental projects are subject to authorisation. For certain experimental projects referred to in Paragraphs 8a (1) and (3), there is only an obligation to notify. These are, for example, experimental projects which are exclusively concerned with animal experiments which are required by law or those in which certain interventions are carried out in accordance with tried and tested procedures. These experimental projects shall be notified to the competent authority no later than 20 working days before the intended commencement of the project. Anyone wishing to carry out animal testing must appoint an animal welfare officer and report this to the competent authority.